Python Bindings for Oracle Berkeley DB 4.8, 5.3, 6.2 and 18.1


This handcrafted package contains Python wrappers for Oracle Berkeley DB, the Open Source embedded database system. Oracle Berkeley DB is a programmatic toolkit that provides high-performance built-in database support for desktop and server applications.

The Oracle Berkeley DB access methods include B+tree, Extended Linear Hashing, Fixed and Variable-length records, and Queues. Oracle Berkeley DB provides full transactional support, database recovery, online backups, multi-threaded and multi-process access, etc.

The Python wrappers allow you to store Python string objects of any length, keyed either by strings or integers depending on the database access method. With the use of another module in the package standard shelve-like functionality is provided allowing you to store any picklable Python object!

Oracle Berkeley DB is very powerful and versatile, but it is complex to use correctly. Oracle documentation is very complete. Please, review it.

Since June 2013 (release 6.0.0), this project accepts donations. Please, contribute if you can. Details.

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